1st Seabery Sales Summit

1st Seabery Sales Summit

1st Seabery Sales Summit

The 1st Seabery Sales Summit is over, and it was a huge success. From the 21st to the 25th October, all the Seabery Regional Managers were reunited in the company’s headquarters in Huelva, Spain.

More than 20 people from more than 15 different countries gathered in Huelva to plan the future steps of the Business Development team, focusing on the third Soldamatic generation: Soldamatic IE.

The event agenda covered different topics such as:

-Soldamatic IE Technical Training

-Soldamatic E-Learning Training

-Business Development

-Partners Service


-Practical Sessions

We would like to thank all our Regional Managers for participating in this event and hope to receive them soon again in Huelva.