About Us

  • Seabery Augmented Technology is a global tech company pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) edtech solutions applied to skills training.


  • We are leading the market of Augmented Reality training solutions thanks to our large worldwide network of partners within industry, institutions and education.


  • We are a growing and flexible company, opened to new trends in technology, educational innovation and methodologies.


Basilio Marquínez

Founder & President

Pedro Marquínez




We lead the development of R&D projects focused on the application of Augmented Reality to education and skills training of professionals, providing new possibilities and best results for our partners and customers.

  • Development of self-designed Augmented Reality (AR) technologies
  • Design of solutions and apps running this AR technologies
  • Development of Edtech customized methodology powered with AR


We aim to become a reference in the educational sector, helping to change the traditional educational model to a more personalised one, through the concept of Augmented Training. This method includes AR as an added value to enhance the teaching-learning process.

  • Lead the application of AR technologies to skills training
  • Significantly contribute to a customized and individual education model
  • Promote vocational training positively influencing young people.


  • Teamwork: Our main value is our people. We believe that every person in the Seabery family has a talent, and our aim is to release it to grow together.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are never satisfied. We always want more and better development, that is why we follow a continuous improvement philosophy.
  • Responsibility & Client: We love bringing solutions, not problems. We are responsible for our actions and objectives
  • Passion: We want to take the next step in the education system, disrupting traditional methodologies and supporting our partners. We love what we do
  • Flexibility: We adapt to changes and new trends. Our flexible work schedule is part of it.
  • Innovation: We are always working on new ideas and challenging traditional systems looking for new methods