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Augmented Reality potential goes beyond ARKit and ARCore The boom of these two platforms made AR go viral, but it can go far beyond

The development of Augmented Reality has experienced different phases in the last decade. This technology offers the possibility to “augment”...

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The key of Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0 The fourth industrial revolution is changing the way we produce and machines communicate with people, just like AR is changing the way we look at the world around us

The term Industry 4.0 arises from the combination of new information technologies and data analysis with advanced fabrication techniques and...

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AR Training

What makes training the perfect fit for Augmented Reality? AR keeps expanding its boundaries and being applied to different fields but, why is training considered the ideal field for it?

Augmented Reality has experienced a fast growth is the last year and everyday it is easier to find a new...

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6 Benefits of Augmented Reality as an Edtech Solution How Augmented Reality and other edtech tools work together to enhance the traditional education system

Augmented Reality and edtech are two of the most important worldwide trends nowadays. Both are growing fast and still have...

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3 Industries benefitting from Augmented Reality advantages This is how several industries are moving forward thanks to AR benefits

Augmented Reality is one of the biggest technological trends worldwide, at first it used to be related to two key...

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Thank you for joining us in our AT Congress 2018 experience +120 attendees and top-level speakers from +20 different countries made the first event on Augmented Reality and Education, an augmented success

The 1st Augmented Training International Congress is officially over, and it was an amazing adventure! The event gathered more than...

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+100 attendants in the 1st Augmented Training International Congress It will take place 8th-9th March in Huelva, Spain

The 1st Augmented Training International Congress is the first event on Augmented Reality and Education, it will have keynote presentations...

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Only two weeks for the 1st Augmented Training International Congress

It’s only two weeks for the 1st Augmented Training International Congress, organized by Seabery and Augmented Training. A panel of...

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7 Augmented Reality stats that will stun you Some facts about one of the fastest developing technology trends worldwide

Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) usually go hand in hand as a technology pack, but the truth is that they...

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AWE Europe 2017 grants Auggie Award for Best-in-Show AR to Seabery’s technology With more than 1,500 attendees, 100+ speakers and 90+ exhibitors, AWE Europe 2017 is the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to Augmented and Virtual reality.

Seabery’s technology Augmented Training has been recognised with one of the Auggie Awards in the second edition of the Augmented...

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