Thank you for joining us in our 1st Augmented Training Asia International Congress

Thank you for joining us in our 1st Augmented Training Asia International Congress

Thank you for joining us in our 1st Augmented Training Asia International Congress More than 100 people from more than 20 different countries took part on the first event on Augmented Reality and Education in Asia

The 1st Augmented Training Asia International Congress is officially over, and it was an amazing experience!

The event gathered more than 100 attendants and top-level speakers from more than 20 different countries, and made it possible to bring together a great community of professionals, institutions and companies using Augmented Reality to enhance skills and vocational training.

The first topic discussed on the event was Skills Training. It started with Jullada Meejul, from the Thailand Professional Qualification Institute, who was followed by Bovornchok Poopat, from the Thailand Ministry of Higher Education. This first topic concluded with the presentations by Mohd Darus,TWI ABM cum Welding Expert Malaysia and Daniel Gauch, the General Director of the Worlddidac Association.

After Skills Training, it was time to move on to Industry 4.0. Steve McKee, founder and president of LabTech started with his presentation about the challenge of talent. It was followed by Lawrie Martin, from TTi Global, who focused on the automotive industry. This second topic was closed by Geoff Crittenden, Weld Australia CEO, who exposed the role and challenges of Welding in Oceania, and also how they are playing a key role for the digitalization of training there.

The last topic was AR Training, it started with Allan Gray, WeldPlus CEO, stating how AR Training is already working in Germany. Via Skype, Christiane Pohlman, from GSI SLV guided all the attendants through the process of applying AR to training in GSI SLV and how it has improved the efficiency of training. The event finished with Pedro Marquínez, Seabery CEO, who showed the latest AR developments from Seabery.

After all these presentations, our exhibition allowed the attendants to test and experience a first-hand look at all the technology and developments showed before.
From Seabery, we would like to thank all the attendants, speakers and everybody who participated and made possible the 1st Augmented Training International Congress. We hope you fully enjoyed the AT Congress experience, acquired valuable knowledge, new connections and exposure to the latest cutting-edge tech in AR and training.

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You can already find the best pictures and the aftermovie of the AT Congress here

Hope we’ll be seeing you again soon