Worlddidac Council Candidacy

Worlddidac Council Candidacy
Alejandro Villaran Worlddidac

Worlddidac Council Candidacy Thanks to the Worlddidac team for this consideration

Every time I hear from policy makers, students, teachers and corporations worldwide the challenges and goals education will be facing the next years, I realize how lucky we are of being part of such a meaningful life project. Education is one of the best tools we have to change our lives and future, and this is why attracting, engaging and also empowering the current and next generation of industrial workers became my life purpose. I chose education as my way to personal realization, trying to use all my potential to create value and impact others’ lives. This view is what got Seabery started and what makes us believe in what we are doing.

I would like to share my happiness for being considered a candidate to become a member of the Worlddidac Council, as I see we share the same purpose of helping others through education. Thank you very much for considering me for this role.

It will be great to meet personally soon and explore together how we can cooperate to keep improving our world.


Alejandro Villarán

CEO Seabery International